About Education in the US

Global recognition

US universities and degrees are globally recognized for their quality education and research activities. Students with US university degrees shall find acceptance for jobs and research by most organizations anywhere in the world.

Universities and colleges

They can be public or private. Public universities are funded by tuition fees and government money. Private universities are funded through endowments, donations and tuition. Cost of education in public universities is relatively lower.

Study programs

Universities offer various degree programs for you to choose like BS, MS, MBA, PhD and others. Quality education in diverse disciplines is available such as Engineering, IT, Management, Finance, Medical and Para-Medical, Food Technology, Architecture, Social Sciences, Languages and Film, Television and Digital Media, etc.


Program durations can range from 4 years for Bachelor's, 1 to 2.5 years for Master's or MBA and 3 to 5 years for PhD. Most of the universities admit international students in Fall starting from August/September and very few of them accept in Spring starting from January/February.

Cost of education and living

Average cost of education and living ranges approximately from USD 30,000/- to USD 40,000/- per annum.

Financial support

US universities offer financial support in the form of scholarships, tuition waivers, teaching assistantships and research assistantships for meritorious students. PhD students generally receive a monthly stipend.

Working while studying

Students can take up on-campus jobs for up to 20 hours/week with average earnings of USD 800/- to USD 1,000/- per month. On-campus jobs like working at the university laboratories, library, book stores, schools, cafeterias and coffee shops, etc. In summer vacation students can work up to 40 hours/week.

Jobs after earning degree

After completion of education, job search can be done via university career fairs, job sites, networking and professional contacts. Well-paid jobs are available in IT, Para-Medical, Management, Finance and Engineering sectors.

Education loan and repayment

Before proceeding to the United States for higher education, students can avail of education loan up to Rs. 20,00,000/- (approx. USD 37,000/-) from nationalized banks. After completion of education, the student would be able to comfortably repay the education loan from the earnings of 2 years job in the US.

Lifestyle and food

In US, the social and economic conditions are good. The lifestyle is disciplined and democratic without any racial discrimination. Our students feel safe and homely due to presence of Indian population and friendly American culture. For sports enthusiasts, many indoor and outdoor activities are present on-campus. In terms of food, many favorable choices are widely available like Indian grocery stores and restaurants located near university campuses. Students from different countries join US universities every year. Indian students get to interact with them, learn about their culture and overall have an enriching experience during their study in the US.