Detailed Services

Time scheduling

It is advisable to start the admission process 12 to 15 months in advance. EduCouncil will prepare a time schedule for you. Please contact us or drop in at our office so that we can prepare a timetable for you.

Selection of degree programs

EduCouncil provides guidance for selection of study programs considering the student's education, work experience and aptitude.


EduCouncil provides guidance about various tests that the student will need to take before applying to the universities including when and where to take the tests. Online practice tests are also available.

Universities selection

We shortlist suitable universities on the basis of the student's merit and preference if any. Our aim is to place our students in top and medium level universities.

Academic and financial documents

Guidance is provided for preparation and procurement of all relevant documents for applications to the universities.

SOPs and LORs

Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendation are the most important documents needed. We provide guidance for improving and editing these documents.

Application procedure and follow-up

We provide complete guidance for online/offline application processes and relevant data/documentation needed for admission to the US universities. Also, subsequent follow-up is done with the universities till the admission decision and receipt of I20.

Financial aid and education loans

EduCouncil provide services for availing of merit-based scholarships, teaching/research assistantships and tuition waivers, etc. from the US universities for students with good academic records and test scores. We also guide you for obtaining education loans from nationalized banks and grants from private trusts.

Final selection of the university

Once the student gets admit from multiple universities, we provide assistance for final selection based on ranking, cost of attendance and location, etc. We also guide the student in completing the I20 application procedure of admitted universities.

VISA guidance

Once the admission is granted and I20 is issued the student is required to obtain student visa (F1 visa). We provide complete visa guidance for all the required paperwork, visa appointment and interview preparation.

Pre-departure guidance

Includes documents, US dollars and other materials to be carried with you and finding on/off campus accommodation in advance.

On-campus arrival instructions

Includes airport pickup/transport to the university campus/housing, whom to meet, getting health insurance and opening bank account, etc. on arrival.